House Hunting can be so frustrating! Spending untold hours viewing homes online,  saving faves, researching neighborhoods, perhaps Facebook posts, asking your closest Billion friends about the schools, commute and other town information like, where's the closest Panera? Maybe you've even run the mortgage calculators, more than a few times.

Then, it happens, you see it and think yes, the search is over! With each picture the excitement is building, only 5 pics in and it's got almost EVERYTHING, it's a dream house! Your heart IS palpatating, you cannot wait to see it and you've even sent the property link to family and friends already... and now you pick up the phone to schedule a showing!  No answer, so you leave the message and start envisioning yourself in that new home, it's going to be GREAT, and then anxiously await the call back   And how many times have you recieved that call only to hear, "So sorry, it's already under contract."

Womp womp waaaa!   It's sooo frustrating!

There is a solution, be the first to know, get on the A-list! 

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